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Buy Oil Online in Nepal at Daraz


Cooking oil and ghee usually rank highly on the list of essential items for a kitchen. Oil is also an essential ingredient for cooking. It’s nearly impossible to cook any delicacies without cooking oil. The oil we use in cooking is responsible for vital growth, protecting our brain cells, and as well as metabolism. Mostly, these oils do get us going in our daily activities. Oils also are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E which is an ant-oxidant that prevents clotting and blockage of blood in coronary arteries.



Oil price in Nepal


The price of oil in Nepal starts at Rs. 150 for a 500ML pouch and Rs. 300 for a 1 Litre pouch/bottle. The price of oil varies based on the type, quantity, and quality of the oil. You can get refined sunflower oil at Rs. 425 per 1L, and mustard oil for Rs. 150 per 500 ml. Likewise, 125 ml of pure olive oil costs Rs. 350. You can also check the different prices of oils below:


The difference between mustard oil and sunflower oil is that mustard oil is extracted from mustard seeds and has anti-bacterial properties, the sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower seeds and possesses anti-oxidants. The benefits of mustard oil are that it enhances digestion, lowers the risk of cancer, relieves pain via anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory action, and much more. Similarly, Prevention of colon cancer and asthma, reducing cholesterol, cardiac benefits, and helping to strengthen the nervous system are some of the many benefits of sunflower oil.


Why Choose Daraz Nepal for Cooking Oils?

Various types of cooking oils and many other goods are available from trusted national and international brands at Daraz Nepal. Additionally, for more genuine goods, purchase from trusted merchants. Get them at your convenience, directly at your door. Not to add, Daraz Nepal offers fantastic cashback, discounts, and the greatest deals, so both your bankroll and the items you are purchasing benefit.\


Available Cooking Oil Products & Brands at Daraz


Cooking Oil Products Prices
Baba Oil 500ml Pouch Rs. 150
Cello Oil 500ml Pouch Rs. 150
Nagaji Brand Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil-500ml Rs. 160
Mashal Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 500Ml Rs. 180
Seasame Oil 500 ml Rs. 210
Khoji Mustard Oil 500 ML Rs. 215
Mato Pure Cold Pressed Mustard Oil 500 ML Rs. 235
Fortune Soya Health Refined Soyabean Oil-1L (Indian) Rs. 320
Swastik Refined Soyabean Cooking Oil 1 L Rs. 345
Borges Classic Pure Olive Oil- 125ML Rs. 350
HARILO Cow Ghee Local & Pure 500 ML Rs. 650
Fortune Sunflower Oil 2 LTR Pet Bottle Rs. 999
Disclaimer: The price of these product may vary depending on its current market rate. Product prices on Daraz are regularly updated to ensure fair transactions for all our customers and sellers. Please refer to the product detail page for the actual price of the product.