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Buy SSD in Nepal

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, essentially memory that serves as hard disk storage. An SSD functions just like a hard drive from the perspective of the program, though one that is often relatively compact. They are much quicker than hard disks because they lack mechanical components. They are significantly more expensive per GB and have a lower capacity than a normal hard disk. One significant advantage of SSD is that they can be booted up more quickly. Due to the moving elements they contain, hard drives require a warm-up period before they start functioning correctly. The typical system startup time with SSD storage is 10–13 seconds. A system with HDD storage requires 30 to 40 seconds longer to boot up than a similar machine, which is at least three times slower. They also consume less energy than HDDs. According to tests, HDDs use about 50% more power than SSDs, affecting battery life and electricity costs. Additionally, SSDs result in cooler devices, which might be crucial in settings where heat would influence the equipment's operation.


SSD Price in Nepal

The price of an SSD starts from Rs. 1,645 for 128 GB storage capacity. The price increases according to the different storage capacities and the brand of the SSD manufacturer. The higher the storage capacity, the prices increase. They are more durable than traditional hard drives. You can either use them internally or externally. 


128 GB SSD Price in Nepal

128 GB SSD is priced at Rs. 1,645 in Nepal. Because SSDs offer substantially greater read/write speeds, data uploads and downloads happen much more quickly. Sometimes, this can be almost twice as much. According to research, hard drives read and write data at a rate of 50–120MB per second. In contrast, SSD drives can read and write at a minimum of 200MB per second, while PCIe SSDs can read and write at a staggering 2000MB per second.


256 GB SSD Price in Nepal

The price of 256 GB SSD is Rs. 3,500 in Nepal. As mentioned above, they have faster and more reliable boot options available. 


512 GB SSD Price in Nepal

512 GB SSD price starts from Rs. 5,333 in Nepal. They have higher storage capacity than 128 GB and 256 GB SSD drives. You can easily store massive amounts of data very fast. 



SSD Products Storage Capacity Price in Nepal
HITECH SATA 3 2.5” Solid State Drive 128 GB Rs. 1,645
HITECH SSD M.2 SATA III Solid State Drive 128GB Rs. 2,333
SSD Consistency 128 GB Rs. 2,400
Consistent SSD M.2 SATA 128GB Rs. 2,800
SSD Drive Kingston 128GB Rs. 3,000
SSD Consistency 256 GB Rs. 3,500
HITECH SSD M.2 SATA III Solid State Drive 256GB Rs. 3,666
HIKVISION 2.5-Inch Internal 256GB Rs. 3,750
HITECH SSD SATA Solid State Drive 256GB Rs. 3,800
HITECH SSD M.2 SATA III Solid State Drive 512GB Rs. 5,333
Adata SSD 512GB Rs. 7,200
SSD Consistency 512GB Rs. 8,500


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