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Daraz; Best Marketplace for Online Laptop & Computer Shopping in Nepal

Whether you are searching for a desktop computer, a laptop or computer accessories in Nepal, Daraz's online marketplace can help you to fulfill all your computer shopping needs. Our sellers offer all types of accessories for your computers including USB pen drives, memory cards, portable speakers, mouse, wireless Wi-Fi adaptors, routers, android tablets and laptop holders, connector cables and many more. Besides, laptops and computers in Nepal from all the renowned brands including Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Apple and many more are also available at Daraz as per your requirements.

Buy from the Best Online Laptops & Computers Store in Nepal

Use Daraz to buy laptops in Nepal with right brands at the best prices. Daraz is the best online computer store in Nepal that fits the need of every kind of consumers for every brand there is in the market. The best of all this is the fact that with a mere click of the mouse, you can choose best accompanying computer accessories and peripherals and benefit from their home delivery option. Top quality, hassle- free computer shopping experience from any corner of Nepal!

Enjoy the Most Competitive Computer Prices in Nepal

Daraz offers highly affordable and competitive computer prices in Nepal. Being the premier online computer and laptop shopping destination in Nepal, we make sure that out valued customers are never left without plentiful choices. The desktop, printers & scanners, laptops and tablets with processors of all generations and brands as well as computer accessories including flashdrives & USB keys, laptop cooling pads, data transfer and extension cables, keyboard protectors, speakers, memory cards, headphones, hard drives and much more is available at the ease of your fingertips.

Things to Look for When Buying Laptops and Computers Online in Nepal

Before a person makes a decision to purchase computer or a laptop, he/she needs keeping in mind, a few important things which include:

Type & Speed of Processor

The processor is key component of a desktop computer or a laptop and is therefore the most important thing that needs to be considered before you make a purchasing decision. You may opt for core2duo, core i3, core i5, core i7 or any other more advanced version as per your budget as well as usage requirements.

Memory (RAM and Storage)

The memory of your computer or laptop is something you are most dependent on, after the processor. Without sufficient storage memory, you won't be able to save enough of software or your personal data. Besides, an insufficient RAM memory would not let you multitask with speed and convenience and would result in slow performance of processor. So you should keep both things in mind as per your requirements. Moreover, the hard drive also needs to have sufficient space to accommodate all your multimedia and official files. You can also find a comprehensive range of portable storage devices at Daraz.

Sound and Graphics Hardware

With the advent of modern and super software such as graphic design tools, HD videos and real-like games, you need having not only a high quality monitor but also excellent sound and graphics hardware in your computer. A high tech sound card and a graphics card would allow you to enjoy your computer/laptop at its level best.

A Complete Range of Gaming Accessories Available at Daraz Nepal

Daraz Nepal is not just an online platform where you can buy a comprehensive variety of computers, in fact it is the largest online computer and gaming shop in Nepal. The range of gaming consoles and accessories available at Daraz Nepal is second to none. No matter you are an admirer of Sony PlayStation™ or the Microsoft Xbox™ excites you the most, you'll find all the latest models of gaming consoles along with all their accessories at the most competitive prices at Daraz Nepal. Buying laptops and gaming products online in Nepal is no more a difficult task with Daraz Nepal.