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Even though laptops, tablets and mobile phones have been introduced and turn out to be more portable, more user friendly and more convenient, desktop computers are still irreplaceable. They still hold a very important place in the educational and work industry. Desktop computers are personal computers for regular use. It can only be used at a specific location, you cannot carry it anywhere you wish to because it is bigger in size and has a few power requirements as well. The CPU includes the mother board which is a printed circuit board with a microprocessor. It has some memory hardware’s, bus, disk storage and many more. It uses input devices as well that allow you to put in some data in the computer like keyboard, mouse etc. It also uses output devices like monitors, speakers, printers etc.

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Desktop computers are far more powerful that other devices like laptops and tablets. More than that, powerful desktop computers are cheaper as compared to powerful laptops. If needed, their parts can easily get replaced that too at a very reasonable cost. They can easily be upgraded. You can use a comfortable mouse, a comfortable keyboard, speakers that produce more sound and larger monitors for display. Above all, desktop computers have no risk of theft and this way you do not even lose your data. You can easily find desktop computers at Daraz at the best possible prices in Nepal. You can easily order them online and get them delivered straight at your doorstep.

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