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Buy Computer Monitors Online At Best Prices From Daraz Nepal

There are many different kinds monitors in Nepal that you can buy. LED monitors, classic box monitors, flat screen monitors and LCD monitors. LCD monitors stand for liquid crystal display screens. These monitor screens are popular as the strike the right balance of price and technology. They are not bulky as compared to cuboid monitors. The flat screen gives you a lot of free space on table. The picture quality is not as clear as the led but it still manages with quick response time, even if you have multiple windows open. Led monitors are latest technology in computer monitors they have a much longer life span as compared to LCD screens. They also take up half as much electricity (40 MV for lcd and 25 MV for led) making them the most eco-friendly monitors in the world. Daraz has stocked latest assortments of computer monitors for sale at pocket-friendly prices.

What Are The Types Of Monitors Available Online

Below you can find different types of monitors available extensively at Daraz Nepal.


Online Computer Monitors Shopping in Nepal

A computer screen is a crucial part of the computer system, as you spend most of your time looking at it. It is a window to the entire system. Many of us usually pay little attention to computer monitors when buying complete computer systems. It is the shopkeeper or seller that decides which screen is best suitable for your pc. But things are changing now as consumers become more aware of what is available in the market. They chose the features that will suit their need best. The monitor price in Nepal depends on various factors such as what brand you are going for; A Samsung monitor will be more expensive than the same features of acer monitor. Another factor that comes into play is the model; an older monitor is always cheaper than newer versions and sometimes you can do away with newer models. The monitor price Nepal is also dependent upon the technology latest 3d monitors which are backlit by led technology will cost you more than older versions.

What Are Best Monitor Brands In Nepal

While shopping computer monitors online, you might come across number of computer monitor brands in Nepal. Among those, Daraz has stocked some best pc monitor brands in Nepal.

Acer Computer Monitors | Asus Computer Monitors | Benq Computer Monitors
Samsung Computer Monitors | Packard Bell Computer Monitors

Find Lowest Computer Monitor Prices in Nepal

If you are looking for a standard or basic monitor, effective for work as well as play then chimei monitor is an all-rounder. There price is worth the features and specs and they are also durable. If you are going to spend most of your screen time for entertainment purposes then you need vivid imagery for which color and gray-scale accuracy should be perfect. While an 18.5 inch monitor screen would be considered too big on a laptop for a desktop this screen comes in the small category. The screen of desktop computers start from 17 inches and go upto 46 inches. For people whose professional work depends on computer screens, a high end computer monitor which supports at least 16.7 million color display is important.

Buy Computer Monitors Online At Daraz

Buy computer or pc monitor online from Daraz will benefit you in gabbing lowest pc monitor prices in Nepal with additional deals and discounts throughout the year. Order online and receive delivery of your monitors in kathmandu, biratnagar and other major cities in Nepal with free shipping and cash on time options.

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