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When it comes to operating systems the Apple iOS has been exclusive to the brand while the Android has opened a whole new horizon for hardware manufacturers to get creative and build on all sorts of technology. The open-source best android tablets OS has also made the tablet an affordable accessory that many can own and experience. Bring down the Android tablets price in Nepal. We now see many hardware manufacturers such as Tablets. Google has even gone down selling tablets at some loss so that people may use their online store and tablet peripherals. This tough competition has created such a huge variety in the tablet industry that buying a tablet has become a rather confusing task. It really boils down to what kinds of features you are looking for and then there are multiple options in that category.


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Tablets price in Nepal starting at Rs.1,999 to Rs.118,000. Tablets are available in different decent colors; Apple iPad Pro specs 4GB ram with screen size 10.5-Inch is priced at Rs.98,500 and Samsung Galaxy TAB A specs 3GB ram, 32GB Rom with screen size 10.5-Inch is priced at Rs.54,490. Android tablets in Nepal are a gadget people used casually. They are carrying it in the bags, taking it with them wherever they go. This increases its chances of getting damaged by mishandling. Imagine sitting by the pool and dropping water on the tablet. If you know you are careless about such things then look for a waterproof tablet. Many tablets come with waterproof casing to save you from such unfortunate events. Another interesting feature you may want is a pen attachment. Many Samsung tablets come with an attached pen that you can use to draw or kids can use to scribble on. That is why Galaxy tabs are usually on top in the market. Check if the tablet has a microSD card slot. This option will help you create expandable storage space and convenient transfer of pictures to and from the tablet. Micro HDMI port is another cool added feature to tablets through which you can connect it to television screens for watching a movie etc.


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The most important design aspect of tablet is probably its screen. The display screen of tablet sells itself as it takes over pretty much most of the space on the product. See how the screen works under natural light. If it becomes unreadable and dim then you won't be able to use it outdoors that much. Nexus tablets have a bright and high-resolution screen. The tablet should also not feel like a plastic toy to feel. Even though a little bit of plastic compensates for the low price but metallic finishes give a table that luxe feels. If you are really not bothered about specific features and you are just buying a tablet for its design at Daraz then Lenovo is a good option. While Samsung tab price in Nepal may not be the cheapest but it beats many of its rivals on specs. Huawei tablet price in Nepal is very affordable and it will be your best bet if you are shopping on a budget.



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