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Phones & Tablets Online Store

Phones and tablets are some of the world’s most popular electronics that provide no parallel when it comes to connectivity, innovation and simple communication. The leaps and bounds in cellular technology has led to phones and tablets that make the world seem like a much smaller place and keep us constantly in touch with our friends and loved ones. Here at Daraz Nepal you can find a wide range of these amazing devices at great prices.


Some of the most popular additions to phones and tablets around the world and at this store are smartphones. These amazing gadgets make one feel as though they have the information super highway in the palm of their hand. Leading brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and many others offer superb features; touch screen, engaging interfaces, high resolution cameras and much more. They are both innovative and unique to each brand; running on their own operating systems that make them simply a joy to use.


We offer a wide assortment of latest tablets that bring modern technology to a whole new level all the while remaining simple to use and fit for multiple use. Watching entire movies, stream videos online, reading e-books and the list goes on. Some of the most popular choices are iPads because of the personalization they provide however some people prefer their tablets to offer more ‘freedom’ thus android based tablets are also highly popular.

Feature Phones

Phones and tablets online at this store carry many stylish and affordable feature phones; the mobile phones that began the modern day cellular gadgetry pandemic. These mobile phones have their own qualities from being tough and reliable to highly affordable, making it perfect for those people who are on a budget. They come with nifty features and don’t fall too far behind their smartphone cousins.

Buy Phones and Tablets Online

At Daraz Nepal you can find a wide assortment of phones and tablets online at some of the best prices in the country. Shop for leading brands with and order high quality smartphones, tablets and mobile phones that are bound to perfect to your taste.

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