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Enjoy convenient shopping for a refrigerator in Nepal at low price online from Daraz np. Pre-order now and avail market competitive discounts on new refrigerator price in Nepal 2019 from verified sellers across the country. Refrigerators are kind of necessary home appliances to keep your food items at a certain temperature along with keeping them fresh as well. Finding the best budget refrigerator has become an increasingly difficult task because of the large range being manufactured by different companies. Daraz is offering an easy and convenient method to buy refrigerators online by finding the largest variety easily. You can also find low price refrigerator in Nepal with additional deals and promotional discounts to match your budget needs.


Refrigerators Price in Nepal (Updated 2022)

The lowest Refrigerator price in Nepal starts from Rs. 16,990. Whereas the highest price of Refrigerator is Rs. 63,290 at

Refrigerators List (2022) Price in Nepal
LG Refrigerator GLM332RPZI - 308L Rs. 69,190
Whirlpool Proton - 240L Rs. 52,445
Beko Refrigerator RCHE - 232L Rs. 44,991
SAMSUNG RT28A3022GS - 253L Rs. 44,999
Samsung RR19M20A2RH - 192L Rs. 23,999
Konka Refrigerator - 192L Rs. 22,999
Videocon Vep184 - 172L Rs. 20,500
Palsonic Australia SRS100-DT - 100L Rs. 18,120

Features To Look For When Buying Refrigerators



Refrigerators come with a variety of unique features, styles, designs and colors. Nowadays, with one door refrigerators, two-doors and three-doors are in high demand too. Three-door refrigerators provide more space to store grocery items. Along with the refrigerators, you can find various kinds of deep freezers in Nepal. Be it a chest refrigerator or an upright refrigerator, you can get your hands on every model at affordable prices. Every household needs a refrigerator that keeps the food fresh, which has a lot of space for keeping all the food including, vegetables, fruits, snacks, frozen food, drinks, etc. There should be proper controls in the fridge to control the temperature and moisture.



Buy Fridge Online in Nepal at Daraz



Are you tired of throwing away food? Unable to store food for longer or have a fridge that consumes a lot of electricity? At Daraz you will find the best and efficient refrigerators from the most popular international and national brands at the best price in Nepal.



The fridge is one of the most significant kitchen appliances which changed the world itself. Before the invention of the refrigerator preserving perishable food for long term consumption was impossible. Nowadays, all kinds of refrigerators from a mini single door fridge to the huge double door are available in the market. You will, however, see most homes using the single door refrigerators with about 50-200L capacity. But, the double door refrigerator is a better investment as they have the two-door system, one for a freezer and one for the fridge, and give you more space to preserve, store, and cool your beverages. Double door fridge is ideal for every household. When buying a double door fridge find the best deals on Daraz. Daraz offers you a chance to compare fridge price in Nepal across brands, capacities, and functionalities.



Types of Refrigerators



Refrigerators are known to come in multiple styles and configurations to choose from. Each style varies in its functionality along with the cooling power that it can provide.



Top-Freezer Style: In the single door refrigerator range, the top-freezer refrigerators traditional buy for many consumers. These are known to provide a large amount of storage in a small spot. The top-freezer refrigerators range fridges are known to give the most space in comparison to their size which is around 30 to 33 inches. Some of the LG fridges Nepal has around 22 cubic feet capacities present in them.



Bottom-Freezer Style: The Bottom-freezer refrigerators are known to be around from 30 to 36 inches of width. The general capacity for this is around 30 cubic feet which is a lot of storage space. One of the major benefits and the reasons people go for this type is because the fridge shelves are at an eye level and you can see them easily. People who want less of frozen foods go for this type.



French Door Style: This double door fridge is loved by many people. It has two narrow doors on the top section of the fridge. Some of the high Samsung refrigerators price ones have one or more drawers in between as well. The width for these is between 30 and 36 inches and the capacity goes around 30 cubic feet. The benefit of these fridge types is the space-saving present in them. Moreover, it adds the value of only the opening half of the fridge when you need something.



Side by Side Style: The Side by side fridge style has a fridge on one side. The width for these is around 32 to 36 inches and has the capacity of around 30 cubic feet as well. There are a door ice and water dispenser present on it that is used for convenient usage by a number of people.



Mini Refrigerators: Mini or compact refrigerators are the best for your office or a small kitchenette. These models only have around a quarter of the total capacity of a regular fridge. The benefit that these have to offer is a small size so that it can be stored anywhere that you want.



Choose From Top Refrigerator Brands In Nepal



If you have a big family, then go for the Triple Door Refrigerators or the Side by Side Refrigerators. The Triple Door Fridge has three sections separated by different doors. It has a freezer, vegetable and fruits compartment, and the main section. Whereas the side by side fridge is like a 2 in 1 fridge. It has two sides that open by different doors. Each side of the fridge has a large storage capacity, with the freezer at the bottom. This fridge is ideal for a big family and also consumes very less energy.



When you buy a fridge online from Daraz we offer you complete service. We offer refrigerators from the most famous brands such as Samsung, Videocon, LG, Hisense, Yasuda, Whirlpool, Sansui, Hitachi, Himstar, and more. Shop online for cooling appliances at Daraz online for the hot summers. Buy AC, fans, cooler, freezers, and refrigerators in Nepal at because we deliver to all major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Birgunj, Biratnagar, Chitwan, Butwal, etc.