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RAM – The Memory Stick

As technology advances, things are getting bigger and better. Every computer system has internal and external hard drives. Among all the internal hard drives, RAM is one of them. It is the physical hard drive that stores data temporarily and also serves as the working memory. RAM basically helps in allowing the computer to work with more and more information at the same time. This way the overall system has a considerable effect and does not stop or hang. Running and loading a data off a hard drive makes it much quicker and easier to operate. RAM basically provides a quick read and write access to the storage device. It is typically a memory but has nothing to do with the storage a hard drive has. A RAM may have unto 1 GB of memory but it erases as soon as the computer is powdered down. So, when you switch on your system again, nothing is open. Some popular brands that manufacture RAM include Kingston, PNY, CORSAIR and Crucial.


RAM Price in Nepal (Updated 2022)

The lowest RAM price in Nepal starts from Rs.1,200. Whereas the highest price of RAM is Rs. 7,500 at Daraz.com.np.

Random Access Memory (RAM) List (2021) Price in Nepal
Adata DDR4 - 8GB Rs. 7,500
DDR3 PC3 - 8GB Rs. 4,148
Adata DDR4 - 4GB Rs. 3,800
DDR3L PC3L 10600 - 4GB Rs. 2,155
Hynix PC2 - 2GB Rs. 1,200

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Sometimes what happens is that your computer system needs a replacement of devices. RAM is a temporary memory that allows a computer to run all the programs. It makes the computer faster to operate. However, if it stops working or has less storage space, you might need a replacement. Find a wide variety of external hard drives online at Daraz Nepal. You can have them delivered straight to your doorstep and get the best hard drive prices all over Nepal.


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