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A scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle having an enclosed motor, a floorboard for resting your feet, and, in most cases, leg protection. Scooters were once supposed to be primarily designed for women and girls in Nepal, but that perception has shifted over time, and they are now increasingly utilized by both sexes. They are generally devoid of gears. So, to raise or reduce speed, we just press the accelerator. Brakes, which are more convenient to use than bicycles, are available. If the scooter will not fall on the driver if he/she falls. There is storage space near the driver's legs. Dikki has enough room to store a helmet or other items. Some scooters have recharge stations within Dikki. We can easily sit on it in idle mode, whereas it is unpleasant to sit on bikes in idle mode. It is shorter in height. As a result, folks of short stature will have an easier time reaching the chairs. It's also convenient for individuals who wish to sit in the backseat with both legs on one side.


Scooter Price in Nepal


The price of the scooter starts from Rs. 2,05,000 in Nepal. The prices increases and change according to the specifications of the scooters and the different brands. Scooters are extremely easy to ride due to their gearless functioning. Because of the ease of use, practically everyone in the family can use it. Furthermore, because of the gear system put in them, motorcycles have a complex procedure. When learning to ride, gearless scooters are preferred for their ease of use. Bikes, on the other hand, have a cult following, and die-hard bikers don't mind pushing the clutch and shifting gears. There isn't much to distinguish between the safety of a bike and a scooter. Due to its reduced peak speed and controllable height and weight, a scooter can be thought of as slightly safer than a bike.


TVS Scooter Price in Nepal


The price of a TVS scooter starts from Rs. 2,11,900 in Nepal. TVS scooters have been one of the most loved scooters in Nepal. They are considered very comfortable and stylish scooters. TVS scooters have a good speed performance which is very easy as they can speed up that of a bike which is considered more powerful than other scooters.


Yamaha Scooter Price in Nepal


The price of a Yamaha scooter starts from Rs. 2,19,000 in Nepal. One of the premium Japanese Motor Co. has been a favorite all over the world. Yamaha scooters are great with Telescopic front shock absorbers with a stylish design for a simple and pleasant ride

an economical engine that gets respectable economy for the class which is the best feature available in all Yamaha scooters.


Suzuki Scooter Price in Nepal


A Suzuki scooter is priced from Rs. 2,47,900 in Nepal. Suzuki bikes have been dominating most of the market and their scooters are not behind. With a great engine similar to that of the bikes, they have been unique, stylish, and great performing scooters that the Suzuki scooter users describe. These scooters are quick and great in terms of mileage.


Hero Scooter Price in Nepal


The price of a Hero scooter is 2,11,900 in Nepal. Hero Motors has also been making a huge difference in the market, Their bikes and scooters are well received and have been great on budget as well as their performance. The scooters are very comfortable, affordable, and good performing in terms of fuel consumption and speed performance.

Scooter Products Price in Nepal
Hero Matte Green Pleasure Plus Rs. 2,05,500
Hero Sporty Red Pleasure Plus Rs. 2,05,500
Hero Matt Blue Maestro Edge Rs. 2,25,500
Hero Nobel Red Destini Rs. 2,28,500
TVS Ntorq Drum 125Cc Scooter Rs. 2,31,900
Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI Scooter(Drum) Rs. 2,64,900
Suzuki Access 125 BS6 FI Rs. 2,65,900
TVS Ntorq Race Edition 125 Scooter Rs. 2,79,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI Scooter Rs. 2,91,900
Suzuki Burgman 125cc BS6 Rs. 2,97,900
Suzuki Avenis 125 FI BS6 Rs. 2,99,900