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Sneakers is a generic term used to refer to athletic shoes,trainers or any shoes used for physical activities or for casual wear. You can buy men's sneaker shoes in Nepal from Daraz for different kinds of sports. Also buy sneakers for casual wear and pull off your look for a quick catching up with friends. Shop from the best seller brands including the likes of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse and the likes.

Just lace up these much coveted sneakers from Daraz that are a classy addition to your wardrobe, and off you go, displaying a unique sense of your persona and charisma. Apart from the standard golf shoes, buy sneaker shoes for golf that are equally comfortable and durable.

Types of Sneakers

When it comes to choosing mens sneakers, Daraz Shoes gives you endless options in designs and styles. Sneakers are classified based on their design and fabric into the following main types:

Low top sneakers are very negligible and do not cover your ankles. They can be laced up with a dresser outfit due to their understated and low-key appeal. They make you appear classy and provide the perfect go-to look for an occasion.

High top sneakers cover your ankles and are appropriate for playing basketball. These are best paired with a sports costume due totheir heavier outlook and appeal. Slip on sneakers are the lightest, most casual and easy to wear and put off. Suitable for casual wear, their relaxed look and feel is one you simply would not want to miss out on.

Mid cut sneakers feature right in the middle (in the sneakers' continuum) between low and high top sneakers.

Leather is an all in all, multi-purpose fabric that is durable, flexible and classy, and allows plenty of breathing space.

Canvas sneakers are manufactured from textile. They are lightweight and roomy.The combination of both leather and textiles can be a delightful one as textiles on their own are not waterproof, but pure leather sure is.

Some Tips on Wearing Sneakers

Do not go for hybrid shoes because they are not likely to work well for all sports and may result in possible injuries and pains. Having dedicated shoes for running or basketball can be a good idea.You can wear them in semi-formal and casual settings depending on the attire and the mood and spirit of the occasion. Some dress sneakers have the ability to work well when teamed with casual mens t-shirts and mens jeans. You can also wear sneakers with slightly folded chino trousers. This will be highly attention seeking and add a bit of length to your legs. You are advised to wear socks with your sneakers to prevent moisture and sweat from working their way through the inside of your feet.

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