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Buy Epilators Online At Best Prices In Nepal From Daraz

Epilators in Nepal have been in demand for a long period of time. These devices initially used spring mechanisms to function but the new ones use rotator blades to remove all the hair that is present. The strength of the epilators depends on the number of tweezers that it has. The more they are, the more effective the hair removal is. Everyone has their own preference of brands. Some women use Braun epilators while some use Philips ones.

Daraz is offering the largest collection along with the lowest epilator prices in Nepal for ladies to choose from. Moreover, there are special discounts being offered as well if you shop now.

What Are The Types of Epilators

Whether it is a Philips Epilator or one by Braun, they are known to manufacture three types of epilators. Each one has its own set of features and reasons for women to use. When you buy epilators online, always check the descriptions to get the one that suits you the best. You might also like to choose from top epilator brands in Nepal available at Daraz Nepal online.


Spring Epilators

The epilators that use springs are the very first ones manufactured and many of the Kemei epilators are present in this category. It has a number of springs that are coiled either together or apart. They are known to capture the hair and then pull it out. The springs are continuously flexed.

Rotating Disc Epilators:

This is much similar to the spring epilators but instead of springs, it uses rotator discs. The discs are known to move in a circular fashion and they trap the hair in them. Once it is trapped, the discs pull it out, leaving a soft smooth skin behind. Many of the rechargeable hair remover for ladies fall in this category

Tweezer Epilators

This is the latest and highly modern one there is. It has plates installed in them. The head of the epilator rotates to move the plates together. Each time a revolution of the plates occur, a tweezing effect takes place. When the plates move near the skin, the hair is pulled out. Many women use this as an epilators for face due to its similarity to a household tweezer.

Corded vs Cordless Epilators

All famous brands are known to manufacture epilators that belong to the corded and the cordless category. Some people prefer to go with corded ones while others use the cordless ones for portability and convenience.

CORDLESS EPILATORS are rechargeable ones that can easily be used in the bath or the shower by women. You do not need to plug these in when being used. They can either be charged full before using them or they have battery packs that people use. The estimated charging time is two to three hours. These work best for quick and easy hair removal.

CORDED EPILATORS are used by many people because they offer a higher amount of power as compared to the cordless versions. When using these, you have to plug them in so that they can run otherwise they will not function.