# Posting Titles Department Job Type
1 BD Associates Acquisition Fulltime
2 Manager- Seller Support Seller Support Fulltime
3 Customer Service Respresentative Customer Service Fulltime
4 Head of Content and Production Content and Production Fulltime
5 Project Manager Operations and Logistics Fulltime
6 Content Analyst Content and Production Fulltime
7 Studio Photography Team Lead Content and Production Fulltime
8 Administration and Procurement Manager Admin Fulltime
9 PR, Marketing and Partnerships Marketing Fulltime
10 Graphic Designer Marketing Fulltime
11 Warehouse Manager Commercial Fulltime
12 Content Enhancer Content and Production Fulltime
13 Vendor Relationship Manager Commercial Fulltime
14 Sr. Associate- Operation Finance Finance Fulltime
15 Sr. Associate- Commercial Finance Finance Fulltime
16 Customer Care Manager Customer Service Fulltime