Frequently Asked Questions

Daraz EMI is a service that allows you to purchase items through a deferred payment plan using your credit card. Please note that the full outstanding payment will be blocked on your credit card and released as you pay monthly installments. The blocked amount will also be visible on your statement.

EMI does not have any down payment or any other hidden cost attached to it. Credit Card issuance fee/registration fee may apply as per bank rule.

Daraz EMI is available on all Daraz products but your min checkout value must be min of NPR 15,000 (Citizens Bank 10,000) and the delivery of the product must be completed. Ensure only one product on cart during checkout.

For EMI Transactions to be approved:
1: Your cart should have one item and total cart value should be equal to or less than the available credit limit on your credit card.
2: 0% EMI is applicable on individual product, not on total cart value.
3: Call to the bank has to be received within 15 days of making the payment.
Once you request Bank to convert your payment to EMI, it will take up to 7 working days for the installment to reflect on your credit card statement.

Yes, in case of return, you can get your money back. Transaction will be reversed on your credit card within 10 working days. Charges for this reversal may vary as per bank and it will be reflected on your subsequent statement. Customer must call Bank to notify cancellation.

Unfortunately, only full cart values can be converted into an EMI plan.

Daraz EMI plan is available on: NIC Asia Bank, Sunrise Bank, Machhapuchhre Bank and Citizens Bank credit cards.

Please call and reachout to the Bank’s helpline to escalate the matter. If you have been charged any financial fees due to this, they will be reversed in your subsequent statement. You can also reach out to Daraz to escalate the case.

The payment can be only converted to EMI within 15 working days from the purchase is made. If the request to convert to EMI is received 15 days after purchase, Bank will not be liable to convert the payment to EMI. For NIC Acia customer, fill the EMI Application form.

No, to be eligible for EMI conversion, your cart should contain only one product which qualifies the minimum value according to respective bank criteria.

If failed to make payment of monthly installment, bank will charge late fee as per bank policy.

Transaction cancellation takes around 7 days. For delay over a week, please reach out to Daraz customer support. To cancel your EMI, you will have to start the cancellation process from your daraz account and inform the bank after the refund is settled in your account.

Bank will not be liable to accept EMI request if there is an existing EMI plan on your card. You will have to clear your exisitng EMI plan to get Daraz EMI.