Terms & Conditions

  1. Winners will be announced on 31 December 2019
  2. Complete all 12 missions and get a chance to win mission rewards through lucky draw.
  3. Your mission progress will be updated after 3PM everyday for all activities performed on the previous day.
  4. Missions can only be done from 5th December to 18th December 2019 on Daraz APP only.
  5. Login to your Daraz account before starting your missions.
  6. All the mission winners will be contacted via email.

Can't check your score?

  1. Make sure you have logged in to Daraz App
  2. If you completed a mission today, your status will be updated tomorrow 3PM. Don't worry!
  3. Make sure the email address you are entering above is the same as your Daraz app email address
  4. You haven't started any mission yet, start now.