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Buy Lipstick Online in Nepal

The lipsticks initially became popular during the ancient times when women in Mesopotamia started to beautify their lips by making use of crushed semi-precious jewels.The popularity of beautifying lips continued to gain popularity around the world and this is when the lipsticks came into existence. It's hard to believe but the lipsticks industry is making 7.6 million US Dollars globally. Today, it is one of the toughest decisions to choose the right lipsticks for women as these lip beautification tools come in countless shades and brands for women to choose from. The lipsticks help women by providing a quick way to transform their looks from metro to retro. daraz being the leading online marketplace for women's cosmetics has the largest range of lipsticks in Nepal to suit your personal preferences.

Types of Lipsticks for Women in Nepal

Different women around the world prefer different types of lipsticks to beautify their lips. The different types of ladies lipsticks in Nepal you can find at daraz include:

Moisturizing lipstick: It consists of special moisturizing ingredients which include vitamins, glycerin and aloe that help hydrating the lips. The moisturizing lipsticks provide shiny and moist look to the lips.

Cream lipstick: It comes with extra wax that helps protecting the lips and ensure longevity of wear. The cream lipsticks are color-rich and offer a flatter finish.

Satin / Sheer lipstick: This kind of lipstick is manufactured with extra oil that allows lipstick to be applied easily on the lips. It is provides glossy, transparent and shiny finish to the lips.

Matte lipstick: It comes manufactured with no emollients. This allows higher ratio of color pigment and provides flat finish to the lips. The matte lipsticks are best for those who do not prefer glossy finish for their lips.

Metallic lipstick: With this kind of lipstick, women provide metallic and color rich finish to their lips. The metallic lipstick contains greater proportion of iridescence and color pigment.

Apart from the types of lipsticks mentioned above, you may also find Pearl lipstick, Anti-aging lipstick, Long-wearing lipstick, Mineral lipstick, Lip liquids and nude lipstick online in Nepal at the premier online shopping destination daraz.

Buy Lip Gloss Online in Nepal

The lip gloss, as the name shows is a beauty enhancement product that helps providing a glossy and wet finish to the lips. In fact, the lip gloss is a fashion accessory every woman needs having on her dressing table. With a clear lip gloss, you can do everything from highlighting the natural lip color to providing perfect finishing to the lips. The transparent lip gloss is most preferred by women all over the world. The lip gloss is manufactured for women in different types for use in different seasons. For use in the summer season, lip gloss with variations of red are most popular. For use in the autumn, the lip gloss with darker tones are more popular. As for the winter season, dark statement colors are best choice. When it comes to the spring season, light pink colors are the best choice.

You can find all the leading lip gloss and lipsticks brands in Nepal which include L'Oréal, Maybelline, Revlon, Orange, Maybelline, Chanel, Vacci and many more.