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Khukri Rum Price in Nepal


The Price of Khukri Rum in Nepal is Rs. 455 for a 180ml bottle, Rs. 900 for a 375ml bottle, and Rs. 1750 for a 750ml bottle. The Khukri Rum is the best Rum you can buy right now in Nepal that contains nearly 43% alcohol. Khukri Rum is the award winning classic Rum of the himalayas of Nepal. Khukri Rum is the dark blend of rich molasses, Himalayan spring water, and natural artisanal flavours. Each sip of the Khukri Rum will give you the taste of natural rich flavors like the sweetness of toffee mixed with himalayan herbs and fruits. Buy the Khukri Rum at best price in Nepal at Daraz. Get extra discout with vouchers and bank cards. Buy Khukri Rum today!


Khukri Rum Details

Find the full details of Khukri Rum made in Nepal below!


  • Volume: 750ML
  • Brand: Khukri
  • Category: Rum
  • Country: Nepal
  • Alcohol: 42.8%
  • Color: Modern Auburn
  • Nose: Sweet, vanilla & prune.
  • Taste: Honey, Himalayan herbs & fruits.
  • Finish: Caramel finish.