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Buy Genuine Gold Online at Daraz Nepal


If you are looking to buy genuine gold online, Daraz is the one-stop shop where you can buy gold jewelry, necklaces, rings, tilahari, rani har, mangal sutra and many more. Browse through the wide range of gold products available at Daraz and chooes the best one for you. You can now buy gold products in monthly installements and 0% interest rates. Pure gold products for both men and women are waiting for you to explore at Daraz. You can buy 24K gold necklace at Rs. 177,410 that weighs 1.56 tola at Daraz Nepal. Additionally, you can purchase 24k gold mangalsutra for Rs. 165,500. Gold tilahari weighing 0.30 tola are availble for as low as Rs. 40,000. Similarly, 24K gold rings weighing 0.36 tola are avaiable at Rs. 50,000.


Gold Price in Nepal 2022


As of 2022, the gold price in Nepal is Rs. 90,600 per tola (gold hallmark) and Rs. 90,000 (gold tajabi). Below are the updated Gold Price in Nepal:


24 Karat Gold Price in Nepal


Weight Gold Price in Nepalese Rupees (NPR)
Ounce Rs 207,340.75
1 Gram Rs 6,666.16
2 Grams Rs 13,332.32
5 Grams Rs 33,330.80
10 Grams Rs 66,661.60


22 Karat Gold Price in Nepal


Weight Gold Price in Nepalese Rupees (NPR)
Ounce Rs 190,062.15
1 Gram Rs 6,110.64
2 Grams Rs 12,221.28
5 Grams Rs 30,553.20
10 Grams Rs 61,106.40