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Antigen Rapid Testkit Price in Nepal


The Price of Antigen Rapid Testkit in Nepal starts at Rs. 600 for a single kit and can go up to Rs. 12,000 if you purchase the pack of 12. The Antigen Rapid Testkit helps you test COVID-19 at your home and check results within just few minutes. The Antigen Rapid Testkit's from different brands are available to purchase at Daraz Nepal. The Rapid antigen testkit's provide 98.8% accuracy and detects the nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2. You can take nasal sample and test with just few steps mentioned in the testkit. These FDA approved antigen testkit's can be purchased at Daraz Nepal with extra discount from vouchers and bank cards.


Antigen Rapid Testkit Details

-> Accuracy: 98.8% (95% CI: 97.6%-99.5%)*

-> Detects the nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2

-> Results in 15 minutes

-> Nasal Specimen sample

-> Cassette Format

-> Supplied in a single pack

-> Fully Home Use Approved

-> FDA Approved

-> Approved by National Public Health Laboratory

-> CE Marked for Self Test

-> Pack Contents1 x Test Cassette with QR code and unique ID number

-> 1 x Extraction Buffer Tube

-> 1 x Disposable Swab

-> 1 x Waste Bag

-> 1 x Package Insert