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In order to achieve ultimate radiant and flawless skin, it is important to have a skincare routine. There are several scrubs, facemasks, cleansers and toners that you can use. However to apply these products to the face, you require some tools. This skin care tools in Nepal are important to have because these will be more effective than using your hands. There are different types of tools that you can get according to your requirements. There are several brands that have introduced their line of skin care products that not only include the products but the tools as well. Daraz offers buyers with a wide collection of skin care tools at reasonable prices. There are several discount deals offered to the consumers that reduce the skin care tools prices in Nepal. Shoppers can easily find all the required tools necessary to take good care of the skin. Always make sure that the quality is good so that the tools last for a long time.

Types of Skin Care Tools


A facial steamer is a very important tool used for skincare because it helps open up pores. Once the pores are opened, using the products that facial kits have, cleanse the skin thoroughly. There are several sizes of steamers that one can get according to their requirements. In salons, high quality big steamers are used while at home you can get a small sized one which works equally good.

Beauty Face Massager

These are quite commonly used these days’ because they make the skin very soft. There are different brushes that this massager has which can be used according to your requirements. There are usually 5 brushes which clean the face and prepare it for application of creams, exfoliates the skin and massages the skin. This works on a battery which lasts for quite a long time. In a circular motion the massager gets rid of dirt and grime off from the skin.

Facial Tools

There are a number of tools required to cleanse the skin. For the removal of blackheads from the nose, a blackhead extractor is used. This is a small metal tool which has a loop on one side that helps take out blackhead. This is commonly used in salons and can be used at home as well. Then there are several brushes used to apply different creams and masks on the face. To mix different products together, you can get small size plastic bowls.

Waxing Tools

Women who use wax to remove unwanted hair require several tools as well. If you are not into using waxing strips, then you can get regular wax. The wax usually comes in solid form which needs to get heated using a wax heater. These are in a shape of a pot where you can place the wax and heat it on a certain temperature. Once the wax is ready to be use, you can put it on the skin by using a wooden stick and remove hair using a strip.