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Looking for 2021's Sony LED TV Prices in Nepal?

Sony Corporation is Japanese multinational brand that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. This brand has captured the hearts of many technology lovers. There are a number of product lines introduced by the brand which include; all types consumer and professional electronics. The different products by Sony include home appliances, kitchen appliances, audio related products, cameras, mobiles, tablets and so on forth. One of the most popular product lines by the company is of television sets. There are a number of TV sets that shoppers can purchase. From LED, LCD and OLED, Sony offers all types of sets. Getting the right type of television can be a daunting task as there are several factors to consider. The first step to take into account is where to get the products from.


Latest Sony LED TV Price in Nepal (2023)


Sony LED TV price in Nepal starting from Rs.36,084 to Rs.167,700. Sony LED TVs are available in different stylish colors; Daraz makes online shopping for Sony LED TVs convenient as you can get everything under one roof.


Guide for Purchasing Sony LED


When purchasing a LED television set, there are a number of features, benefits and limitations to take into account. The following factors will help you purchase the right type of LED set according to all your requirements.




The most important factor to consider when purchasing a LED television set is the display. There are two factors to take into account for the display of a LED that include:




This is how many pixels a television screen is made from. Generally, a higher number of pixels means that the picture is more detailed. LED TVs have good pixels which makes the screen extremely clear and the color details are enhanced. One of the most recommended ones are Sony 40 inch led TVs which have the best resolution out of all the models.


Processing rate:


This indicates how fast the television processes the screen changes. The higher the processing rate is of a television, the smoother and better the picture will be. Sony offers shoppers with one of the best processing rates of LED TVs.


Screen size:


When it comes to purchasing a LED, buyers can select from a number of screen sizes. It is very important to note that buyers must select the screen size according to the room where you want to place the television set in and the distance between the television set and the couch/bed. For instance, if you have a medium sized room, a Sony LED TV 32 inch would work well.




Whichever LED television you choose to purchase should have the best sound quality. All LED televisions have built-in speakers that produce the sound. One can easily adjust the bass or treble and watch TV shows and movies easily. However most thin screened televisions might not have the best quality sound. To experience a theatre like feel at home, you can purchase additional speakers and systems. Sony offers buyers with the latest technology of audio products and already good sound systems in the televisions.


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