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Buy Electric Scooter on Daraz Nepal

Electric Scooter has been the next big thing in Nepal and the world. With the different problems emerging because of fossil fuels, the use of electric scooters is increasing, which is a good thing. There are a lot of advantages to using electric scooters and bikes. Since electric scooters do not have an exhaust, so they don't produce any exhaust emissions, reducing local air pollution, especially in populated regions. Electric scooters have significantly lower running expenses in comparison to petrol scooters. Electric scooters use electricity to charge their batteries, unlike petrol scooters. Usually, electric scooters use lithium-ion batteries, which have good battery life and excellent energy retention. One of the biggest challenges of reducing noise pollution is also helped by the use of electric scooters.  It has been demonstrated that persons working in noisy environments are less productive by 30% to 40%. However, the persistent noise that the biker must endure eventually interferes with his ability to focus on the road and increases their tension, anxiety, and anger levels. On the other hand, an electric scooter makes less noise.


Electric Scooter Price in Nepal

The price of Electric scooters starts from Rs. 1,84,000 in Nepal. With brand, features, and specifications, the cost could rise. Electric Scooters with two batteries or bigger battery capacity, as well as motors, often cost more. Lithium-ion batteries, which offer higher performance and battery life, are used in most electric scooters. Electric scooters are more cost-effective to charge than gasoline vehicles due to their higher efficiency and lower energy cost. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of electric scooters is cheaper than that of petrol scooters. 


Why Choose Daraz For Buying Electric Scooters?

Daraz is an online marketplace for buying everything, from Electronics, Clothes, Beauty products, Groceries, and many more, including Electric Scooters. You can grab the best deals on Daraz Nepal. Compare the best product needed and use the different discounts and available promotions to buy them at less price. The convenience of purchasing electric scooters from Daraz is you can buy them online and take them from the authorized showroom without any hassle of waiting.


Electric Scooter in Nepal Price in Nepal
Aima Tiger S5 E-Scooter Rs. 1,84,000
Yadea S-Like Electric Scooter Rs. 2,55,000
Segway E100 Rs. 2,91,000
AIMA Tiger Saber X611 Single Battery Lithium Ion Rs. 3,30,000
Tiger X611 Single Battery lithium Ion Battery Rs. 3,30,000


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