Online Grocery Shopping in Nepal

Online shopping and e-commerce in general have only recently made their mark in the country’s market and online grocery shopping is still a relatively new concept in Nepal. However, with the spread of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns due to the pandemic in the past few years, it has started gaining popularity. dMart promises safe, reliable, and convenient service to bring your groceries to your front door without any hassle. Daraz has one of the best logistics networks in the country, so, with dMart, you can rest assured that you will receive all your essential items on time.

What is Daraz Mart?

dMart, powered by Big Mart, is the biggest online grocery store in Nepal. It is sub-brand of Daraz created to provide customers with all the basic daily necessities they require without having to physically go to a grocery store. dMart offers a wide range of goods ranging from breakfast foods to cleaning products. Consumers can browse through dMart’s diverse inventory and shop for essentials from the comfort of their own homes. It is a one-stop solution for all of everyone’s daily needs of grocery shopping.

What Can You Buy at Daraz Mart?

dMart’s diverse selection of groceries and home essentials can be found under different categories including food staples, breakfast, snacks, beverages, and more. Basic daily necessities such as rice, lentils, salt and sugar come under the food staples category; breads, cereals, jams, biscuits, and other such items fall under breakfast; chips, noodles, pasta, popcorn and more can be found in the snack’s category. In addition to that, dMart also supplies pet products, skincare, cooking oils, cleaning products, and so much more. With dMart, we make your grocery shopping easier than ever.

How to Shop for Groceries Online from Daraz Mart?

Customers can start buying their groceries online from dMart in just a few easy steps. All you have to do is go to the Daraz app or webpage, click on the shopping basket icon labelled ‘Mart’ and you’ll find yourself on the dMart landing page. Then, you can peruse through each individual category or search through the search-bar for specific items and, finally, start shopping! Add the items you wish to purchase in your cart as you normally would on Daraz. Enter your home address, make your payment online or select the cash on delivery option, and then sit back, relax, and wait for your delivery.

Who is Daraz Mart for?

Everyone. dMart is for anyone who doesn’t have the time, energy, or even just the will to go out to the market or visit a grocery store for their essentials. Adults who are busy with work, elders who find it difficult to leave the house, people who may experience social anxiety, those who are not comfortable with their Nepali, anyone and everyone can take advantage of the quick and easy service of dMart. The primary goal of dMart is to provide hassle-free services of grocery shopping in Nepal.