Our Mission

If the internet can bring unprecedented convenience and speed to online shopping, then it can do the same for acts of community service. Daraz Cares is an initiative which aims to facilitate customers to help community in the most convenient way possible. We connect customers to charities 24/7; amplify empowering messages, and wish, in general, to encourage kindness and social concern. Daraz has partnered with multiple charities to bring convenience and ease to the donation process. Put some heart into your cart before you check-out with your shopping by donating to your preferred charities through Daraz Cares. Compassion is truly, just a click away.

How To Donate?

STEP 1 Select Your Charity

STEP 2 Select Your Donation Item

STEP 3 Place Your Donation

STEP 4 Cash On Delivery

Our Partners

Our Activities


It is an initiative which connects customers to their preferred charities 24/7. You can easily donate through daraz cares to contribute to a better future

Go to the specific charity page by selecting the charity you want to make the donation to. Select the donation item/items and add them to your cart. Proceed to checkout pay cash on delivery and your contribution is complete.

Daraz does not charge any listing fee to the charities which means all proceeds will go to the charity.Daraz has officially partnered with charities which will allow all Daraz Customers to conrtibute for the betterment of various communities of Nepal.