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Buy Gaming Consoles in Nepal at Affordable Prices

If you are enthusiastic about video games and are looking for gaming consoles that could add great fun to your life, Daraz Nepal can be your partner in buying the best gaming consoles in Nepal at the most competitive prices. The country's largest online marketplace is at your service with the largest collection of gaming consoles which include Xbox 360 games, all models of PlayStation series, Nintendo 3Ds and much more. Contrariwise if you are a distributor or retailer of video games in Nepal, you can also get onboard with Daraz and list your products online for free. Daraz displays every seller's ratings, customer's' reviews for each seller and choice to make price comparison to order from the seller who offers the best price.

Types of Video Game Consoles Available Online at Daraz

At Daraz Nepal, you can find the comprehensive range of gaming consoles manufactured by world's renowned companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and many more. Please read below to know about the most popular three gaming consoles available at Daraz's online shopping community.

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox is the premium quality gaming console series manufactured by the world's leading software company Microsoft. The Xbox series took the world with a storm right at its launching and many new models of this console have been released over years. The Xbox 360 games have also been able to win the hearts of millions of gaming fanatics across the globe.

Sony PlayStation

Sony is another leader in manufacturing gaming consoles across the world. This amazing electronics company has been able to produce next level consoles that are known to compete the Microsoft's Xbox series. In fact the Sony PlayStation 3,4 gaming consoles have been able to win a large and loyal following around the world.

Nintendo 3Ds

Nintendo gaming consoles have also been one of the oldest and most popular ones since many decades. In fact, Nintendo is the oldest manufacturer of video game consoles in the world. The latest of Nintendo's gaming consoles include Nintendo Wii at the top of list alongside others too.

Gaming Console Prices in Nepal

Since Daraz makes sure that the best sellers of video games in Nepal are onboard, you can get the best prices against all kinds of gaming consoles, no matter PSP, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U or any other. By making price comparison, you can not only shortlist sellers offering the best gaming consoles prices in Nepal but can also know, through reviews, about how much the customers trust those sellers.

Why Not Buy a Gaming PC Instead of a Console?

This question hits the minds of many of us out there. Why we shouldn't buy a gaming PC instead of a gaming console? The answer is simple, it depends on your budget and your technical knowledge. A gaming PC is undoubtedly winner by far in terms of processing speed, ability to run the total number of games and diversity in terms of devices and graphics. However many of us prefer gaming consoles because of the ultimate benefits they bring such as portability, ease of carrying, ease of use, dedicated hardware and a lot more.