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There is no doubt about the utility and convenience that has been brought to the practical industry by the multimedia projectors. These smart and highly practicable products are used by educationists and the professionals alike. They allow displaying data from desktops and laptops directly on a projector screen or a plain white wall. This gives the ease of delivering a presentation to a large number of people at a time. The multimedia projectors are best for office presentations, movies, educational lectures for the sporting events and a lot more.

Types of Projectors Available at Daraz Nepal

Daraz being the largest online marketplace for electronics appliances. You can sfind best deals and discounts on projector prices in nepal from top projector brands such as Asus, Benq, Infocus, Epson, Dell, Acer, Baleyo and several others. There are three main types of projectors, each different from the other in terms of technology. You can browse Daraz to buy the following types of projectors. Or, you may click below links to browse projectors from top brands in Nepal.

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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

LCD projectors in Nepal are the most popular and oldest type of projectors used by people from all professions. They comprise three glass panels which help separating the color schemes. The image is projected on the screen with the light passing through the glass. The LCD projectors offer great color saturation as well as vibrant colors. The reason behind their popularity is the detailed images and data they project. This kind of projectors are best choice for people who require brighter presentations however they are not idea choice for the travelers.

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

The DLP projectors in Nepal offer light that is reflected through countless mirrors and a color wheel that helps making up the image. The reason behind the success of digital light processing projectors is that they do not make pixels visible and offer a higher contrast ratio as compared to other projectors. The DLP projectors are smaller in size and are the best choice for people seeking a high quality projector which is also portable. The DLP projectors are not best choice for those requiring to use them in bright-light situations.

Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS)

The LCOS projectors in Nepal are the most advanced and expensive kind of projectors available in the market so far. These high end projectors combine the features of projectors with LCD as well as DLP technologies. The LCOS projectors comprise three chips that help modulating colors. They offer instantaneous delivery of light/color components. The LCOS projectors make use of rich colors and have a higher resolution. These projectors in Nepal are the ideal choice for those who require nothing other than the best quality and do not mind the price tag.

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