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Marketing Voucher

Terms & Conditions

  1. The vouchers (“collectible vouchers”) are accessible to all the registered Daraz users.
  2. Users should be logged in to Daraz platform (App/site) to collect and redeem the collectible vouchers.
  3. The collectible vouchers are applicable only to products available at Daraz Platform.
  4. Vouchers are issued by multiple sellers on the Daraz platform with different terms & conditions. Daraz shall not be liable for such collectible voucher issued by Sellers.
  5. The Collectible voucher Validity periods are subject to change and specifically mentioned in the respective collectible voucher. are mentioned on each voucher.
  6. One must comply with all collectible voucher terms and conditions in order to redeem the collectible voucher discount.Daraz shall not be liable for the circumstances where Daraz users fail to comply with the respective terms and conditions.
  7. The collectible vouchers have no monetary value. The collectible vouchers are non-transferable, non-exchangeble and non-refundable.
  8. A collectible voucher does not cover additional tax, service charge or any kind of additional charges.
  9. A collectible voucher cannot be combined with offers, except as permitted by the terms and conditions specifically.
  10. All offers are subject to availability.
  11. The Collectible voucher cannot be resold by users,in such circumstances Daraz have the right to take actions against such individuals/business and permanently discard the Daraz User from using Daraz Platform.
  12. The collectible voucher can be reused only if the order is cancelled from Daraz or seller provided that the validity of Voucher is still available.
  13. One Daraz customer can avail only one voucher from one seller per transaction.
  14. Daraz reserves the rights to cancel any promotional offer at any time without any notice at its sole discretion.
  15. By purchasing items in Daraz Platform through collectible Voucher, Daraz Users are deemed to have read, understood, and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this collectible voucher.