Get the New Apple iPhone 11 & Apple iPhone 11 Pro with Daraz Nepal

Apple’s 2019 phone lineup consists of the iPhone 11, 11 Max, and 11R. The three phones will be officially launched on 13th September. The iPhone 11 price is still unknown as of yet but you can be sure that Daraz Nepal will have the best deals available as soon as the phone hits!

Latest Apple iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Price 2021

iPhone 11 price in Nepal start at Rs.110500 to Rs.227400, Apple iPhone XI smartphone is available in different colors; Apple iPhone 11 smartphone with 4GB ram and 512GB ROM is priced at Rs.227400. As of 2021, you can buy Apple iPhone 11 at Rs. 92,000 at Daraz Nepal.

What Does the iPhone 11 Have to Offer?

So, what’s new to the iPhone 11 you ask? Let us break down some of the most popular features that people are looking forward to.

Triple Camera System:

The last round of iPhones X and onwards came with a stylistic update to the camera placement but the new iPhone 11 will feature a square boxed camera with a triple camera system. This will include cameras comprising of wide angle, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses for better pictures.

Reverse Wireless Charging:

The new iPhones will finally be equipped with the much raved about reverse wireless charging features that also allow users to charge their AirPods on the back of their phones.

Better Shatter and Water Resistance:

If you’re prone to dropping your phone a lot or happen to use it in or near water bodies then this is good news for you! The handsets will come with higher resistance support.

Multi-Angle Face ID:

Now you can unlock your phone easily with a better Face ID scanner that picks up your face from multiple angles.

Get Your Hands On iPhone 11 with Daraz Nepal 

If you’re interested in the new iPhone, you can get your hands on it hassle free with Daraz Nepal. Enjoy the option to pay however you want – through cash on delivery, credit or debit cards, or Daraz wallet and sit back and enjoy the anticipation of getting your new phone! At Daraz Nepal, Apple iPhone 11 smartphone has Rating: 4.3 - 23 reviews from loyal customers.